IPL Side Effects, Complications, and Risks

IPL laser treatment at Clinique Anti Aging carries some of the same risks of problems and adverse effects as other medical and cosmetic procedures. These will vary from person to person and frequently rely on the color and kind of your skin. There is a chance of other issues, including crackling and pigment alteration, which may be a little more serious. However, some side effects, such as minor redness and swelling, can be anticipated and often go away after a day.

Usual IPL Hair Removal Side Effects:

With IPL hair removal, there are a few adverse effects that are widespread and predictable. These include minor erythema, a tiny amount of swelling, and discomfort. Your skin may appear a little sunburned. However, these side effects should disappear in a day or two. Additionally, the area of the skin where the operation was performed may see a very tiny color change. Your skin may become slightly lighter overall or patchier and darker. Darker “patches” will resemble sun-tanned skin dots developed where the light has acted.

Risky Side Effects of IPL Beauty Treatments:

Thankfully, IPL has been designed to be as risk-free as possible, so there are few significant dangers or consequences. Most negative effects, such as redness or pigment changes, will fade with time. Furthermore, there is a chance that the light could cause your skin to overheat, which could lead to blistering or poor scarring. Additionally, as your epidermis will be thin and fragile, there is a chance of infection. If you believe you see any indications of these, notify your physician immediately. You might be given an antiseptic cream with more potency if you have an infection. Remember that darker skin colors have a higher risk of blistering and bruising than lighter ones since they contain more melanin that may absorb light.

How to Prevent IPL Hair Removal Complications:

You can take several precautions to prevent adverse side effects and issues following IPL hair removal. Your practitioner should take precautions at your initial visit to ensure you are not significantly at risk for consequences, such as by conducting a patch test on a tiny area of skin. Complications should be rare if you are a good candidate for IPL. Your practitioner may utilize a cooling technique, such as a chilling gel, a chilling spray built into the IPL device, or a device with a chilled tip, to ensure no significant detrimental consequences. 

This will lessen the chance that the intense light may cause your skin to overheat. Additionally, you will probably be given an antibacterial lotion and told to avoid the sun for a bit while the area is being treated. Avoid tanning too shortly, either before or following your IPL session, because it can raise your risk of complications. Use moisturizers, aloe vera, sunscreen, or cold compresses to chill the region and minimize swelling to soothe skin following treatment.

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