Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment: No Longer A Nightmare But Instead An Effective And Comfortable Way Of Saving A Compromised Tooth.

Root canal treatments a thing of nightmares for many people and one of the biggest reasons many avoid dental check-ups. When you think of having a root canal done, you may already begin cringing and feeling your skin crawl with flashing images of being rivalled in severe pain and long-term discomfort. However, for some, living with the infected tooth seems more manageable than having a root canal, and many leave the tooth to eventually rot and fall out as an alternative to enduring the horror of a root canal treatment. 

OK, but is it really that bad? Are you sure some aspects of a root canal are not exacerbated by old procedures that have already been replaced by innovative equipment and anesthesia? The truth is, modern medicine allows for a near painless experience for patients requiring a root canal, with the procedure now a common in-office practice thanks to advanced technology. 

The pain and difficulties that accompany an infected tooth can have a severely negative impact on your quality of life, making everyday tasks nearly impossible to do without feeling incredibly uncomfortable. In addition, it’s important to remember that a tooth infection is no different from an infection in any other part of the body, which means it has the ability to spread and cause other problems to your health if left untreated. 

Fortunately, a root canal treatment performed early enough can save the tooth from needing to be removed, allowing you to keep your smile while saying goodbye to a painful circumstance. So, as a now painless procedure that can help you avoid a gap in your smile, a root canal treatment should be your go-to when signs of a tooth infection appear! 

Continue reading below to learn more about root canals and symptoms of tooth infections, and get in touch with Family Dental Care to schedule a check-up for preventative dentistry. 

Symptoms Of A Periapical Tooth Infection. 

Tooth infections can be extremely painful, sometimes debilitating in severe cases where the abscess causes swelling in the face and lymph nodes. Of course, all infections start out small, perhaps a mild toothache that you treated with over-the-counter pain relievers, not giving it a second thought until the pain returned three times worse the next day. Then came the bad breath that quite frankly even made you cringe, and eventually swelling that prohibited your ability to talk, eat and breathe. 

Although many people mistake the beginning of a tooth infection for something else, knowing the symptoms of a tooth infection will ensure you have it professionally diagnosed soon enough for a root canal to be done, which ultimately saves the tooth from having to be extracted. So, let’s discuss a few symptoms to look out for should you begin to experience tooth discomfort: 

  1. A severe and throbbing toothache that migrates to your jaw, neck, and ear. 
  2. Sensitivity, pain, and heightened discomfort with hot and cold temperatures. 
  3. Pain when biting or chewing. 
  4. Extensive swelling extending through your face, cheek and neck that may lead to breathing difficulties or swallowing problems. 
  5. Severely bad breath and fever. 
  6. A sudden rush of foul-smelling and bad-tasting fluid if the abscess ruptures. 

If any of these symptoms develop, it’s important to make the earliest dental appointment possible for a root canal treatment. However, if you cannot reach your dentist and have problems breathing, go to your nearest emergency room for immediate care. Swelling in other areas may indicate that the infection has spread and requires medical intervention. 

Get A Root Canal And Save Your Tooth. 

No one wants to lose a tooth that once made their smile beautiful and attractive, and we’re sure this is the same in your case! This is why root canal treatments are so important when a patient has a tooth infection, quickly and effectively removing the infection and saving the tooth. 

Without the pain of outdated root canal treatment procedures, you can rest assured that your experience with us will be comfortable and satisfying, so get in touch with us to schedule an appointment!

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