Top Quality Delta 8 CBD Products

Delta 8 CBD products are a creation of 3 qualified pharmacists who also have degrees in health and wellness, with the top quality Delta 8 products goal of bringing both to you.

We get asked all the time about CBD; what it is, how it works and what its benefits are. So here is a quick introduction that will answer some FAQs first and then lead into why we created Delta8 in the first place.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol which comes from Cannabis plants (typically industrial hemp). Essentially CBD is not psychoactive like THC so it doesn’t produce any type of high or changes your mindset when you use it.

How does it work?

CBD is an “endocannabinoid” which interacts with receptors in your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). There are receptors all over your body that deal with different functions, like pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep and so on. When CBD interacts with these receptors it can help to relieve symptoms of many different health conditions.

What conditions does CBD help with?

There are more and more studies being done every day on CBD so we will post information about those studies here.

What is Delta8?

Delta8 is an online CBD store that was founded in 2017 with a mission to bring the benefits of CBD to as many people as possible, especially those who may not have access to this kind of treatment. We decided on selling CBD oil tinctures after realizing how many people prefer the convenience of taking a tincture everyday over other forms like vaping, edibles or capsules. Also, our customers told us they wanted the opportunity to learn about what else was available in the world of CBD. So, we created the ‘About CBD’ page on our site which talks about many different products, their benefits and how to use them properly.

If you had to pick one, which would you choose: the convenience of a tincture or the personal attention of a vape pen?

Being able to take a capsule or lozenge does have its benefits and we have found that people get better results with just taking the tincture straight. The biggest reason for this is that when using other forms of CBD, vaping and edibles, you will also consume burnt plant material which can contain chemicals that may not be as healthy as they appear. Not only do we sell only pure CBD oil but we also offer all-natural rosin which is extracted from hemp plants. This rosin can be used by itself or in other products like vape pens and dab rigs.

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