What Are Different Types Of Lip Lift Surgery

Lip lifting is a minimally invasive surgical process that helps to create a fuller and more youthful look for the lips. Lifting the lips through a surgical procedure from the lip surgery clinic (ทำปากที่ไหนดี; which is the term in Thai), you can contour the shape of your face. Let’s look at the article below to learn the different types of lip-lifting surgery so you can know what will work best for you.

Direct Lip Lift

Direct Lip Lift refers to gullwing lip lift also. The procedure is used to make a more definite shape for the lips. The method involves removing a small strip of skin and stitching it too close to bridge the gap. The drawback of this lip lift is that it may be visible as a pink area in the upper lip portion, creating a pronounced scar along the lip line that may flatten the border lip. This is the reason why this is not recommended for everyone.

Subnasal Bullhorn

The subnasal Bullhorn is one of the most common lip lift surgery performed on people. The surgery involves removing a strip of the skin from the nose, and it is used to bring up the centre, left and right sides of the lips. The procedure is standard because it doesn’t seem as shadowy and evident at the same part.

Italian Lip Lift

The Italian Lip lift and subnasal Bullhorn seem the same, but they may differ regarding the incision. The Italian Lip Lift involves making two incisions at the base nostril area. The incision is extended across the base of one nose over another. It creates a subtle lift by making a more enhanced and philtrum column.

Corner Lip Lift

The corner Lip list is not for lifting the upper lift but also for the corner portion of the lips. The corner Lip Lift process involves making an incision at the corner of the mouth. It removes the small triangular-shaped skin and pulls the mouth corner slightly upward. This lip surgery is done for people with sagging lip corners and concerned for their daddy and severe expression. However, it may create a scar around the lip corner, but it can be covered with proper makeup.


These are the different types of lip-lifting surgery that you should know. You can choose one depending on your current lip anatomy. So, find a surgeon who can analyse your lip position and suggest you the proper lip-lifting process so you can get the desired result.

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