What you should know about the dabbing rigs

Dabbing is considered a preferred method to ingest cannabis, specifically by the more experienced customers who have high tolerance powers to THC. While the process is appeared complicated at first, once you are down, the benefits are surely accepted.

This article gives you the details on dab rigs, including their meaning, the way to use them, and how to clean the dab rigs. To gain information on it, you must read the article and grab the quick details on dab rigs.

What do you mean by dab rigs?

A dabbing rig is a tool that resembles the average bong. Still, they resemble the unique bowl that can hold marijuana products and nail for a few serious application of heat that vaporizes the cannabinoids, so they are inhaled easily.

What do you mean by dabbing

Dabbing is explained in the right way so that you enjoy the experience of getting the most out of cannabis concentrates, and it is easily achieved with the help of the aid of a dab rig and a bong and vaporizing.

The dabbing action is where the name of dab rigs originates, through the dabbing wax acted or nail concentration in dabbing motion.

What do you mean by dab?

Typically, dabs are marijuana concentrates that contain butane hash oil, earwax, budder, honeycomb, and shatter. They are more potent than the conventional cannabis form, because of the great level concentration of THC psychoactive chemical, and upwards often to 80%.

Dabs are usually produced by pouring the butane on marijuana to promote the THC extraction into butane. It is then filtered and poured into a tray or dish where the results will be the extracted gummy solid, and this is what is soaked or dabbed in rigs or bongs.

Dabbing benefits

Here are the benefits of dabbing that become the major reason you should consider consuming this method of cannabis.

  • Dab rigs are considered more potent that need less work
  • This flavor is fresh and smooth with no harshness
  • There is no level of smokiness in dab rigs, and it makes it an excellent option to use for indoor uses only.

Step-by-step process to use the dab rigs

Once the dab is placed on the dabber, you are ready to dab. Here are some steps that you should follow to use the Dabbing rig.

  • Usually, it is suggested to begin dabbing with the little dose and gradually increase it if needed.
  • Then, you have to turn on your torch and move it close to the nail so the nail is heated by flame.
  • Then turn off the torch when the nail is heated.
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